glacial blue Hills Trail Improvements!

  • New trails will be machine-built by a professional contractor, resulting in trails that are sustainable and easier for volunteers to maintain.
  • New features will include a pump track and freeride elements like berms, jumps, drops, balancing platforms, and boardwalk where appropriate.
  • The entire trail system will be signed and mapped, creating a safer user experience by directing riders to areas appropriate for their skill levels. Mapping and signage also will aid emergency responders in the event of a crash that results in injury.
  • As a non-profit organization, GEARS—now part of Metro Mountain Bikers—will pay for the trail-building activities with a combination of grants and donations.
  • GEARS will encourage the city to enhance the property with a paved parking lot, a source of potable water, and toilets. Those features are badly needed by all users, not just mountain bikers.

Donation goal

Collected: $2,869.44
Goal: $300,000.00
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