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Minooka Trail Expansion Approved!

Huge news! Waukesha County has approved the expansion of trails at Minooka Park to include new features and more progressive riding options along with additional parking and new trailhead design.

This project has multiple significant phases and requires our members to volunteer to make this happen. We've moved beyond the "get a few people and cut in a trail" stage of our volunteering needs. This effort is moving us toward being a fundraiser and hiring contractors. We can't do this without people stepping up and helping wherever they can.

Trail Building Volunteers

Reroute of green ending to utilize start hillside as feature park; build basic singletrack and add progressive features. This is not to be confused with the professional build listed below. Watch the Metro Facebook page for volunteer opportunities.

Fundraising Volunteers (write letters, talk to businesses and individuals, write grant applications)

  • Move trailhead away from the parking lot and provide a much safer and spacious gathering area for riders. 
    • Includes additional signage to best ensure all trail users are aware of rules, restrictions and options.
    • Additional amenities like benches, tables, grills, bike racks, etc.
    • New fencing to separate and direct users.
    • Additional landscaping to improve the beauty and enjoyment of the park.
    • Donation Goal is $18,000.
  • Expand the parking lot to provide supply in accordance with trail demand and enhance user experience.
    • Parking lot will be paved and more than double the current parking spots.
    • Concrete ADA-compliant sidewalk will ensure all users can access Area 5 facilities.
    • Stormwater management
    • Donation Goal is $400,000
  • Professionally designed and built bike park on the start hill that can be ridden as part of the full loop or as its own session area.
    • Will be one of the most exciting pieces of riding in the region
    • Donation Goal is $332,000
  • Overall Project Goal is $750,000. Any Corporations or businesses that wish to support this expansion, please contact us directly.


Donation goal

Collected: $4,225.00
Goal: $18,000.00
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