Minooka Bike Park and Expansion

Waukesha County Parks and Metro MTB have agreed to a significant expansion of the MTB facilities and parking at Minooka Park.

Minooka Project Donation goal

Collected: $1,725.00
Goal: $757,300.00

Groomed Fat Bike Trails

In 2019, Metro purchased a Snow Dog tracksled groomer and in 2019/2020 we will be grooming at Pleasant Valley and Minooka.

Groomer Purchase Donation goal

The club used standing funds to buy the equipment, but we need to pay ourselves back for that purchase plus additional equipment that is needed to best use/transport it. Donations will help us offset that large purchase.
Collected: $3,165.00
Goal: $6,000.00

Glacial Blue

Efforts are underway to more completely build out, enhance and fully sign the trails at Glacial Blue. Look for more news soon and updates at each Business Meeting.

Glacial Blue Donation goal

Donate toward the Glacial Blue Bike Park
Collected: $2,869.44
Goal: $20,000.00

Heritage Trails Park

Exciting partnership with Washington County Parks and Trails are bringing a bit of everything to Heritage Trails County Park. This will be everything from singletrack to double-black-diamond bike park features.

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