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  • 20 Jun 2018 9:33 AM | Beth Kazinski

    June 2018 Metro Meeting

    Metro Mountain Biker Meeting


    Minooka Park

    Waukesha, WI

    27 members in attendance

    Mission Statement

    Metro Mountain Bikers is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to safeguarding the future of mountain biking through the preservation and promotion of responsible off-road bicycling opportunities.  Which includes the education, sponsoring events, trail construction, and trail maintenance.

    Introduction of Board Members

     Trail Signs – Approved by board

    We had  signs made to place at all trail heads – Ride Dirt Not Mud and Trails Brought to you by Metro Mountain Bikers.  We also have signs made for trail work days  “Trail Work Ahead” as well as “Trail Closed” signs with Metro Logo on them.   We have enough for all through trail systems.

     Committee Updates

    Minooka:   Chair  James

    The Park Director is retiring this July and a new director has been chosen but not yet appointed.    We need to be patient until the new director is in place.  Phase 3 is on hold until then.  But we are very optimistic.

    Menomonee Falls:  Chair  Mike Bons

    No real updates until Fall. 

    Ball Park Commons:  Chair   Marty Weigel. 

    Construction is in full swing.  Areas are now fenced off and “Do Not Enter” signs have been posted and they are enforcing.   You are still entering the trails at 92ndstreet; however, the Rawson trails are closed/gone.   The trail coordinator quit and is moving to Montana.  Current projects are on hold until they find a new Coordinator.   However we are still looking into options for the pump track and still on track for this to happen.   W&S is a big advocate in keeping the trails there and will help move the projects along during the transition.      

    If anyone knows some company that would be interested in the project please let us know.  We want it to be asphalt/concrete with lights at night.    We need to, as a club, be closely involved in the design of the pump track.

    Social Media update – John Schultz

    We have seen an increase in traffic and feedback has been extremely positive.  People like the new look and feel of the site and posts.      Please share your pics and video of your rides at the trails with John so he can incorporate them into web-site and social media outlets.   You can send to Google Drive or just email John at metromountainbikers@gmail.com

    Open Committee positions

     ·         Social Events Chair – responsible for social rides and social meetings.  If you are interested please contact the Board!

     Current Membership – Goal is 1,000

    Are we asking our friends and fellow riders to become members?   If not, we should be.   Share Metro Membership Posts on your FB and Instagram pages.  Get the word out!

    We have 16 new members in the last 30 days!    7 new in the last week (most likely from Wednesday night’s race).

    We have flyers that Darrin designed that we can hand out to friends/riders/racers at trail heads and events that promote Metro and our Mission.  Unfortunately Darrin was not able to make the meeting but will have for next meeting.

    Trail Maintenance update

    • ·         Minooka:  Huge thank you to the Collectivo Team for all their hard work last week at Minooka. They will be here again this week Thursday if anyone is interested in joining in. 
    • ·         Ball park Commons:  92nd to river road was mowed.   Gage the trail coordinator was doing a lot for us but since he up and moved to Montana we will have to push to keep this up while they find a new coordinator. 
    • ·         Tosa System:   Someone trimmed back the face slappers on the Connector.  BIG THANK YOU to whoever that was!

    Recurring Social Events

    • ·         Odd Tuesday Rides:   We need volunteers! This is a no drop event and should be promoted as such.   Volunteers are to host the ride and to promote club membership and participation.  They can host at Alpha, Minooka, or Tosa trail systems.  Contact board!
    • o   Next Odd Tuesday Ride is at Tosa June 19thweather permitting
    • ·         Wednesday Night Races.:   Since Alpha is under construction and some trail has been eliminated all races this year will be held at Minooka.    There has been a good turnout of 30 races or more.  Should pick up around the WORS race.   We need to add these racers as new members.  Did pick up some new memberships.  Cost to race is $20 for non-members and $5 for members.    REMINDER:  it is only $40 for a single membership.  
    • ·         Dirt Church:   This is also a no drop event hosted by Ron.   Traditionally it has been held at Minooka but looking to alternate between the 3 trail systems.    June’s was cancelled due to Rain.   It is just a ride, no service.
    • o   Next one is scheduled for Sunday July 1stat 9am at Minooka.   

    Open Discussion

    • ·         Little Switz Bike Park is open this Sunday June 17th.  James and a group will be there is anyone wants to join.  Happy to show them around.  There are trails for all levels of riding not just Black Diamond.  Friday is also open for HIKE A BIKE.
    • ·         Chris suggested making sure we have the Metro tent ready for the July WORS races.  Anyone want to man it?
    • ·         James is also looking to get a group ride to Sylvan.  So stay tuned for dates.

    Meeting Adjourned.  Time to Ride!



  • 12 Apr 2018 10:20 PM | Metro MTB (Administrator)

    Our club is in the middle of updating all of the past meeting minutes.  Please check back later for the more recent meeting minutes.

  • 12 Apr 2018 10:19 PM | Metro MTB (Administrator)

    Metro MTB on 13 Feb 2018 8:37 AM

    Mission statement - Metro Mountain Bikers - is a non - profit, volunteer organization dedicated to safeguarding the future of mountain biking through the preservation and promotion of responsible off -road bicycling opportunities. Which includes the education, sponsoring events, trail construction, and trail maintenance.

    Move to be Independent (501c3 update)

    New Website! – Isaac / John Shultz

    New Membership levels! $40 entry level, $60 (this includes family), $100, $500, $1,000, $2,000

    How to join?

    ·         What if you are already a current member?

    ·         Deadline for membership to attend meetings is (What should this be)

    ·         New Metro Logo Concepts Presentation (Darin)

    ·         Trail Maps Announcement – Don Iwen

    ·         Pocket maps for distribution at the local bike shops of Minooka MTB Trails

    ·         Larger one made for at the trailhead and at key trail intersections

    ·         Update on Minooka phase 3 - Ron

    ·         Vote in committees (sign up after meeting)

    ·         Minooka Park Phase 3

    ·         This committee will head up the phase 3 development at Minooka Park. Meet with the park director, maintenance crew, establish maintenance plan long term, and oversea the development. (15 members limit)

    ·         Menomonee Falls

    ·         Exploration of the area and partnership with Menomonee Falls Parks in researching trail opportunities. (3 Members)

    ·         Holy Hill

    ·         Exploration of the area and potential development and partnership for trail. (3 Members)

    ·         Winter Fat Bike Trails

    ·         Drive the adaption and projects for winter Fat Bike trails to be created by the Club and where including formulating a rotating grooming team. (7 Members)

    ·         The Rock

    ·         Work with Wheel and Sprocket on the planning and development of MTB projects at Ball Park Commons (The Rock)

    ·         Club riding trips – (Social Events Chair?)

    ·         Locations to set on calendar

    ·         Copper Harbor

    ·         Sylvan Park

    ·         Marquette

    ·         Bentonville, AR

    ·         John Muir

    ·         Open Committee Positions

    ·         Volunteer Coordinator

    ·         Social Media Chair

    ·         Social Events Chair

    ·         March 18th Third Annual Volunteer and Member Appreciation Party

    ·         Time - 4:00 to 8:00

    ·         Pizza provided by Metro Mountain Bikers

    ·         Happy Place Third Space Beer offered for $5.00 a pint with 100% of proceeds from beer sales going to club. 50% proceeds for any other beer.

    ·         All current club members (IMBA members) and future Metro Members with an offer to sign up through Wild Apricot to become a Metro Member.

    ·         Details:

    Come join Metro Mountain Bikers for our Third Annual Volunteer and Member appreciation party. All current, past and future members are invited. We would also like to extend an invite to other southeastern Wisconsin mountain bike clubs to join us. The Metro Mountain Bikers club has new plans for the 2018 riding/trail building season that we would like to share with you at our party. Including the ability to sign as a new Metro Mountain Biker member though our new club website. We will be presenting the new Trail Fairy T-Shirts to all volunteers that have over 20 hours of club volunteer work in 2017. The club will have free pizza, soda and $5.00 pints of Happy Place beer from Third Space Brewery for sale with proceeds from beer sales going back to the club. So, please come out to socialize with your fellow mountain bikers and discuss past/future Mountain Bike Adventures.

    Trail Fairy T-Shirts - Cooper

     Get with Cooper after the meeting to give him your shirt size.

  • 12 Apr 2018 10:17 PM | Metro MTB (Administrator)


    Metro Mountain Bikers



    Welcome by Chris McArdle

    Review of the some of the changes from the board meeting. Introduced new board members.

    Explained Functional leaders. Explained breaking out Trail Leaders differently.

    Active Business:

    Fundraising – Matt Gissibl from the Bike Fed explained some of the Bike Fed’s fundraising efforts by

    targeting bike shops. Talked about t-shirt sales. Chris Cooper will provide Sara’s email to Matt.


    22 people qualified for shirts in 2013. City Print said pricing pretty much the same as last year. Less

    people qualified for a shirt than in 2012. 1700 volunteer hours total, 60 people total. Minooka being big

    volunteer-hour winner. Next meeting, we’ll be talking about working the metro booth at Expo.

    Marketing: Collateral and Signage and Mapping. Derek has Templates for sock guy. Old logo may not

    show up great on the socks. Might be worth sending anyway and see if the company can give us

    options. Will look into pricing per quantity. May look into DeFeet per Matt @ the Bike Fed. Matt

    explained how the t-shirts/socks work to sell at bike shops. Socks cost $5/bike shops re-sell for ~$12.

    Maps – working on posters and maps. Any dates to have ready for printing? We need brochures now.

    Derek committed to printing brochures. Chris will email Tom and have him send artwork to Derek.

    Do we have a separate map of the Alpha? What about Bubba’s Woods? Bubba’s not approved.

    Signage – Marty put link up on the Facebook page. Carsonite signs

    Social Committee: officially recognizing Odd Tuesday, Spring/Fall social rides, also a monthly ride at a

    trail system. May – August. May would be Minooka. Showcases the various area trails, try to get new

    people to ride the trails. We’re looking for more people to be a part of the marketing team. Derek put together a survey

    Trails: tosa trails are icy, Ron said he’s posting trail conditions Waukesha Bike Alliance facebook page and will post to Metro page as well South Shore – Harold brought up at the trails meeting. May not be

    accessible to mtn bikers unless people can speak to county supervisors, etc. Need to find a way to get it legitimized. Harold went to Port to the Ozaukee County group. 2 mi mtn bike loop wanted there.

    Already have committed $60,000 a pre-fab pump track and a skills course near skateboard park. Hope to have approval for it by the end of March. Chris has reached out to this group to have a combined meeting. Ozaukee County is looking at a combined IMBA chapter with a number of bike groups in that area – all groups will operate independently and combine to form the chapter. At Hoyt MMSD will be taking out the steps and the carwash soon.

    County Trails Council – effort to encourage groups to prepare and develop trails within the county, City of Milwaukee has purchased two trail counters to getting data about trail usage. Ramsey wants to get moving on the memorandium of underwriting of bike trails 2/4/14. County Trails meets the 2 nd odd month at 10 am at the county parks building.


    2014 Fatbike Access – 70 advocates attended – Hansi has a post about this event IMBA event is Jan 19 – 20 at Rays. If you go to Ray’s on Saturday you get Sunday free.  Waukesha Bike Swap - 2/15 proceeds go to Waukesha Bike Alliance not sold out yet 75 – 80% sold out.

    Fatbike race in Sheridan Park

    Bike Expo – volunteers needed

    May 16 – 18 Regional IMBA in Madison @Trek will open up the Farm for riding IMBA World Summit in August in Steamboat Springs, CO. Club would like to pay registration fee for several people to go to the sessions and encourage Metro members to go as sort of club ride.  February meeting will start 50/50 raffle for cash, tires, and metro t-shirt

    New business:

    Marty emailed Marna @ the Rock re: Wednesday night racing. We’d like to see a series like this continue but we don’t want to compete with the Rock and we’re not sure what their intent is. These event prices are based on insurance and county parks issues.

  • 12 Apr 2018 10:16 PM | Metro MTB (Administrator)

    Metro Mountain Bikers

    Welcome by Ron Stawicki

    Treasurer’s Report – Harold received the quarterly IMBA check for recent memberships/renewals.

    Carsonite signs were purchased and have been paid for.

    Fundraising – no fundraising report this month. The next need for fundraising will be Trailhead signage and we’ll need to determine what amount is required so we can contemplate what kind of fundraising we’ll need to do.

    Volunteers – Chris Cooper reported 857 hours of total volunteer time this year. This is down a bit from last year but we haven’t had as many needs this year. We’re still looking for a person to coordinate the Social Committee – please contact Chris Cooper if interested. We had four people who worked on theBubba’s Woods Weed-out day in coordination with the neighborhood surrounding Bubba’s Woods.

    Marketing – no Marketing report this month. Social Committee – we’re looking for a leader of the Social Committee – if interested, please contact

    Chris Cooper.

    Trails Council/Milwaukee County Parks – Marty talked about the new parks requirements regarding permits. No progress on the MOU (memorandum of understanding) with the parks department.  National Bike Patrol – no Bike Patrol report this month.

    Trails – Minooka trail work is underway – always Sunday mornings from 8 – 11 through November (just two more weeks to go). Minooka is hosting the Global Fat Bike Day on Dec. 6. Many trees down at Hoyt and some have been down for awhile. The county is aware of these trees but hasn’t dealt with them yet. Marty and Harold met with the County about Bubba’s Woods recently and the County has said everything is fine there for now, but requested no more re-routes. Oak Hill is in good shape. Alpha’s also in good shape. Harold and Marty along with the County walked the north side of the river from Hoyt to develop the trails there. County is agreeable to trails on that side of the river. Harold and Marty used black flags to mark that side of the river for possible trails. In the Spring, we’ll finalize the trails we want to build.

    Signage – is now in our possession. Marty has called Digger’s Hotline at the request of the County. Marty is aiming for next weekend at Alpha or Hoyt.

    State Trails Council meeting - scheduled on Thursday, Nov. 13 from 10 – 3 at Lapham Peak. It’s during the day should anyone be interested in attending and it’s open to the public. Part of the discussion will be on eBikes, which we discussed at length in this meeting.

    Upcoming &amp; Recently-held Events:

    •  Singletrack High Movie – the Shorewood HS Mtn Bike team put this on and Marty attended
    •  Fall Social Ride had a good time but it was lightly attended this year
    • Lapham Peak FatBike series has a kick-off meeting on Thursday, November 13 at 7:30 pm. The
    • race series starts November 20 at 7:30 pm – check Wheel &amp; Sprocket’s website for information.
    • Race series will continue into January. Proceeds go to the Friends of Lapham Peak.
    • Turkey Hurl ride scheduled for Thanksgiving at 8 pm at Tosa Village at the Red School House.
    • Santa Rampage, Saturday, December 6.
    • Bike Across the Lake – tentatively Feb. 14 if winter weather is horrible
    • Spring Social Ride being discussed for May

    New Business – no news about Kletsch Park.  Elections – Chris McArdle nominated for Chair. Chris Cooper nominated for Co-Chair. Ron Stawicki

    becomes Member at Large. Harold nominated for Treasurer. Anne Newhouse continues as Secretary.  Lynne Senkerik nominated for Volunteer Coordinator.

    December meeting – December 9 at The Bike Fed offices at 3618 W. Pierce St, Milwaukee. We are inviting someone from the County Park department to attend.

  • 12 Apr 2018 10:15 PM | Metro MTB (Administrator)


    Metro Mountain Bikers

    Welcome by Ron Stawicki &amp; Chris McArdle

    Treasurer’s Report – We took in $411 in raffle at Ray’s on October 2. We bought a couple of carsonite signs and the installation tool for the signs, which Marty picked up in Madison.

    Fundraising – no fundraising report this month. We’ll need to think about fundraising for trailhead signs in the future.

    Volunteers – We had another month of numerous volunteering events. Kletsch Park cross country meet went well with six Metro volunteers. Next Saturday, October 18 is the Weed Out in Bubba’s Woods – we’ll be looking for Metro volunteers to help out with a strong presence. We’ve had 605 hours in volunteer hours so far in 2014 with many hours not entered yet. If anyone has hours, please send to Chris Cooper.

    Marketing – not a lot going on in Marketing. We discussed moving some of the marketing documents to a google drive. Marty thought we may need more posters ordered.

    Social Committee – we’re looking for a leader of the Social Committee – if interested, please contact

    Chris Cooper.

    Trails – Marty picked up the trail installation driver tool and carsonite signs. Marty suggested starting to install soon while the ground is soft and not frozen yet.

    Trails Council/Milwaukee County Parks – Marty talked about the new parks requirements regarding permits. No progress on the MOU (memorandum of understanding) with the parks department.

    Bike Patrol – Bike Patrol has/had a busy month. WEMS race at Alpine Valley, NICA race series, and some local Cyclocross races.

    Trails – Minooka trail work is underway – always Sunday mornings from 8 – 11 through November.  Minooka will be hosting a Global FatBike event in early December. Tosa trails are in good shape.  Marty will be meeting with the parks staff regarding trails on the north side of Hoyt Park-ish. Alpha trails were dried out enough for the WORS race. Andy joined us from the Colectivo WORS race and discussed the event, which was well received.

    Fall Social Ride – October 18 at 10 am starting at Benno’s – The Garden Party.

    Upcoming &amp; Recently-held Events:

    ·         The recent Little Switzerland event was discussed

    ·         Matt Gissibl from the Bike Fed spoke to the owners of Little Switzerland (who also owns Mt. Morris) and talked about their conversation.

    ·         Andy from Colectivo spoke about the WORS event. He will be attending the race directors meeting coming up in a couple of weeks.

    ·         Ray’s preview was a great night and a lot of fun

    ·         Matt G also talked about the Bike Fed summit/IMBA summit.

    ·         November 7 Bikes and Beats at Turner Hall fundraiser.

    ·         Lapham Peak FatBike series starting November 20 at 7:30 pm – check Wheel &amp; Sprocket’s website for information.

    ·         Santa Rampage, Saturday, December 6.

    ·         October 28 benefit Winter Bike Party from 6 – 9 at Great lakes Distillery benefiting the

    Milwaukee Bicycle Collective. Free admission.

    Fall Social Ride – October 18 at 10 am starting at Benno’s – The Garden Party.

    New Business – Harold talked a little about Kletsch Park in Glendale, but we hope to have more information at the next meeting.

    November meeting – November 9 SUNDAY night at 5 pm @ Benno’s featuring Metro Elections.

    December meeting – December 9 at The Bike Fed offices at 3618 W. Pierce St, Milwaukee.

  • 12 Apr 2018 10:15 PM | Metro MTB (Administrator)

    Metro Mountain Bikers

    Welcome by Ron Stawicki &amp; Chris McArdle

    Treasurer Report – Harold will be taking over the Treasurer’s role. Marty has put the stickers for signs on hold for now.

    Fundraising – raffle is over so we need to figure out what’s next.

    Volunteers – Chris Cooper was contacted by North Shore High School cross country race about needing volunteers for their race at Kletsch Park on September 18. Four volunteers are needed – contact Chris

    Cooper if interested. Fall Color Fest is on Sept 27 and we’ll need volunteers to set up and be in our tent. If interested in volunteering for the event, contact Ron Stawicki who can put you in touch with the volunteer coordinators from Wheel &amp; Sprocket. Talk to Chris McArdle if interested in volunteering for the Colectivo WORS race on Sunday, Sept 28. October 18 is a weed-out from 9 - 12 by Milwaukee County Parks (107 th &amp; Menomonee River Parkway) in Bubba’s Woods. That is same day as our social ride (see below). The group agreed that a good turnout of Metro volunteers would be a very good idea.

    Marketing – the new order of brochures has been received. We have officially moved into the black for the socks although we still have a lot of X-large socks available. We talked about more marketing materials under development.

    Social Committee – we need someone interested to take over for the Social Committee. Contact Chris Cooper if interested.

    Trail teams – Trails Council Meeting is Thursday, Sept. 11.

    Trails – Ron said trails at Minooka are dry and fast. High School Race went great – about 108 participants. Waukesha County Parks felt it was a success. October/November are the Fall build season at Minooka. Tosa trails are in great shape too. Alpha trail has not dried out since June and it’s still wet and closed to riding. Harold talked to County and they want Metro to take over the trails at Kletsch Park that are along the river. The current trails are about two to three miles but they definitely need some work and signs for sale.

    Bike Patrol – Had a large group at the Wolfman Tri at Bear Paw. Also a large group at the first High School race at Minooka as well.

    Odd Tuesdsay Ride – one more ride this season which will be September 16 th . We plan on doing a cookout. Mike Crabb will post.

    Wednesday Night @ the Rock – racing is completed this season.

    Fall Social Ride – October 18 at 10 am. Location to be determined.

    Rays – Preview night is October 2 6 to 10 pm. Ray’s will open on October 4. Rays has a lot of new stuff this year including new skills sections.

    New Business – Bike Fed is having an annual meeting in Madison in October. November 9 Metro meeting will have elections. This meeting will be on a Sunday at 5 pm. We had representatives from Little Switzerland opening September 20. Facebook page Little Switzerland Bike Park. We briefly discussed the Fat Bike race series at Lapham. Barnyard Classic outside of Madison, cyclocross/mountain bike race. Nicolet-Roche trails October 4.

    October meeting – October 14 meeting at Benno’s.

  • 12 Apr 2018 10:14 PM | Metro MTB (Administrator)


    Metro Mountain Bikers

    Welcome by Ron Stawicki

    Treasurer Report – We have a vacancy with Derek stepping down from the Treasurer’s position and Harold Schmidt has agreed to come back to the position when he returns from his travels. We received our quarterly IMBA membership payment at just over $900 so a lot of people renewed or signed up for membership. The signs/stickers were ordered but Marty has pended it until better stickers showing a mountain bike are available.

    Fundraising – sold 480 tickets with over $3300 gross, $2500 net. Raffle Greg Heil Wheel &amp; Sprocket.

    Kate &amp; Maciej Rays, Tom Vomastic wins top prize to Erik’s.

    Volunteers – 325 volunteers logged so far with some still missing. Tom Vomastic has been putting in a lot of time lately and his hours are not yet logged. We may need additional volunteers coming up for the NICA race at Minooka and Ron will look into what their needs may be and see how Metro can help.  Also, with late Summer/Fall coming up, we’ll need volunteers for trail work so stayed tuned for more information.

    Marketing – we need brochures but we still have posters available. We may need some additional help with Graphic Arts coming up as Tom has been getting busier with his job. Social Committee – Danielle is stepping down from the Social Committee so we’ll need someone else to step into that role. Please contact Chris Cooper if interested. Social Ride scheduled for 10/18.

    Trail teams – Andy was here from the Collectivo team and asked if anyone had been to the Alpha trail.  Marty explained what he’s recently seen. September 28 is the WORS race and the trails will need some work. Marty suggested Andy contact the County regarding a special permit in case they need it for rain before the event, etc. Marty suggested that two weeks before, they’ll need to plan for a lot of trail work. Bubba’s Woods has dried out (until today) and there has been some work done recently to the entrance from Highway 100. Hoyt is in good shape but may need some general maintenance. Oak Hill is also in good shape. Minooka trails have new signs in within the last month and a few other suggestions for new signs. All comments were positive about the new trails. October/November is the Fall build season for Minooka on Sunday mornings.

    Hoyt Park – Lindsay Kriete a local racer and Tosa resident came to the meeting to tell her story of her dog being killed recently by a train while she was on the trails and suggestions she had for building trails on the North side of the river. Marty explained some of the discussions that they’ve with the County about the north side trails. Additional opinions were shared about a sign we could put up or what we could do until we get approval for more trail building. There will still be some ongoing discussions about this.

    Wednesday Night @ the Rock – racing is still ongoing although there are a lot of different faces showing up these days.

    IMBA World Summit – in Steamboat Springs, CO in August.


    May 13, 2014

    Page 1 of 2

    September meeting – Waukesha at Magellan’s September 9.

  • 12 Apr 2018 10:14 PM | Metro MTB (Administrator)


    Metro Mountain Bikers

    Welcome by Chris McArdle &amp; Ron Stawicki

    Treasurer Report – Marty said 100 signs/stickers are ordered from Carsonite. Signs should be coming within a couple of weeks. In addition, one tool was ordered at $150/each.

    Fundraising – Sara talked about the raffle. 400 have been distributed and we seem to be doing great with our goal of raising between $4000 and $5000. Sara still has more raffle tickets should anyone else be interested in selling them. Raffle drawing will be at the August meeting at Bennos. We are one pair of socks away from break even for sock sales.

    Volunteers – volunteers need to remember to send their hours to Chris Cooper. Currently about six people have qualified for t-shirts but a lot of hours haven’t been logged yet.

    Marketing – we may need to order more brochures but we don’t have a lot of other marketing going on currently. Derek is still looking at business cards and stickers too. (Business cards will be to hand to people as we’re doing trail work or talking to people about the trails.) Someone suggested putting a QR code on our marketing, especially our posters so Derek will look into.

    Social Committee – Fall social ride 10/18 but the route is still under consideration. With the Sunburst race cancelled, Marty discussed doing a ride on July 27 with a tour of all trails in one day. He will post on


    Trails Council Meeting – meeting Thursday, July 10. Marty had no further agenda items for the Trails Council.

    Trail teams – Minooka trails are in good shape. The County is still working on signage so it may still be hard for some to navigate. Minooka is hosting the High School Race series this Fall. Hoyt’s in good shape, some of the dead falls have been removed between Swan and North and Bubba’s woods is closed (although people have still been riding there). Oak Hill is open with the usual wet spots and some of the dead falls have been removed. Alpha has been closed and has some wet spots too.  Odd-Tuesday Rides – July 15 at 6 pm. Mike will have to wait to see how the trails are before deciding which trail to ride.

    National Bike Patrol – Mike Crabb said they patrolled the WORS race in Wausau. They also just completed the US Cycling Amateur Champions in Rockdale as well.

    Wednesday Night @ the Rock – first week of racing was last week although it rained and was messy for everyone.

    IMBA World Summit – in Steamboat Springs, CO in August. If interested in attending, Metro will sponsor the session fee. Early entry ends soon.

    August Meeting – next meeting with the raffle drawing is Tuesday, August 11 at Benno’s.

  • 12 Apr 2018 10:12 PM | Metro MTB (Administrator)


    Metro Mountain Bikers

    Welcome by Chris McArdle &amp; Ron Stawicki

    Treasurer Report – no treasurer’s report this week.

    Fundraising – Sara talked about the raffle and the process for everyone taking raffle tickets. The raffle is in August and we are hoping to sell 500 tickets total. Sara will keep in contact via email with all selling tickets but money will be collected at our August meeting. Tickets are $10 or 3 for $20. Top sellers off raffle tickets will win a 29er wheel set provided by Ben’s Cycles. More Metro socks are still available at $10 for a pair.

    Volunteers – Trail day on Sunday afternoon at Oak Hill – thanks to the volunteers who showed up. Chris Cooper reported that no volunteer hours were loaded this month.

    Marketing – Posters were completed

    Social Committee – Harold commented that we are looking at dates for the Fall Social Ride, most likely in October 18. Tom Vomastic talked about a group going up to Cooper Harber or Brown County,

    Indiana. He’ll put a post up on Facebook about organizing a group. This upcoming weekend has a lot of great social events including the Fat Tire Tour of Milwaukee.

    Trails Council Meeting – no meetings lately. Milwaukee County Parks is contemplating a trail pass/permit for usage on trails. They are interested to know what’s going on the trails because there are all kinds of events or usage for things they might not be aware of and they are responsible for trail usage.

    Trail teams – Over 4 miles of Minooka trails are available and are in good shape and getting more riders all the time. Signage is still coming for the new loop. Tosa trails in good shape. This past weekend, volunteers worked at Oak Hill and got a lot of work done. Hoyt still needs a little bit of trimming. Alpha trails are in good shape as well.

    County Parks MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) - Harold discussed the MOU wording from the county. Chris brought up a suggestion made at the Regional IMBA summit about having something stronger in place then an MOU.

    Odd-Tuesday Rides – June 17 at Alpha at 6 pm.

    National Bike Patrol – Mike Crabb said they are in need of tubes. We have an amount ear marked for National Bike Patrol usage. Ron is going to get through Wheel &amp; Sprocket. There are new people in the Wausau area that are being trained at the WORS event this weekend. They are still looking for new people in Madison too.

    Harold discussed Biking with Barley on Memorial Day weekend – contact Harold if you’re interested.

    Regional IMBA Summit – discussion on contracts and insurance and other language suggested for use.

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