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June Metro Meeting Minutes

June 18, 2021 12:21 AM | Deleted user

June 15th 2021  7pm

Wheel & Sprocket - Franklin

28 Members in attendance

Mission Statement

Metro Mountain Bikers is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to safeguarding the future of mountain biking through the preservation and promotion of responsible off-road bicycling opportunities.  Which includes the education, sponsoring events, trail construction, and trail maintenance.

Introduction of Board Members

James Mattox, Chair - absent              Ron Stawicki, Member at Large

Dave Burch, Co-Chair                          Isaac Olson, Member at Large

Dan Kutz, Treasurer                             Chris McArdle, Member at Large - absent

Beth Kazinski, Secretary                      Eric Hackbarth – OCMB - absent

Election of New Board Members

  • Next Election this November 2021 for 2022 positions
  • If you are interested in a Board position, please contact the below individuals for more details.
  • Positions up for renewal
  Co-Chair  ( Dave will move to Chair)
  Beth Kazinski, Secretary 
  Ron Stawicki, Member at Large
   Chris McArdle, Member at Large

Treasurer Update – Dan Kutz

  • 173 Paid Members 
  • Working on an Annual Budget to layout yearly expenditures and incorporate Heritage & Minooka builds.
  • Upcoming Expenditures approved in last Board meeting:
$1000 (approx. 10) for new tools.  A lot of volunteers, not enough tools. Thanks Volunteers!!
$2800 for new Container and painting for Minooka, old shed was broken into.

Milwaukee County Parks Update  - Dave Burch

  • MKE Trail Coordinator, Jessica Wineberg was not able to make it but we are working on having her attend our meetings, so she has a better understanding of our mission and the enthusiasm of our membership to have local trails.  We would like a better relationship with MKE.
  • Parks Amendment / Right of Entry Permit has been fully approved and we are good until next year when we need to re-apply.   The process should be smoother next year now that we have gone through the process and now what to do and what to expect.
  • Fall of next year the 3 season review should be completed by Parks
  • Marty was not present to let us know when Alpha 2.0 workdays will resume.  Keep an eye out on FB page for updates.

Heritage Trail Update - Chris Shay

  • Chris had a great PowerPoint presentation for us – pictures included as well as number of volunteer hours – well over 500 already!   It included a new proposed budget for phase one.
  • Scheduled workdays will be posted as usual.   Thank you to all the volunteers!!!
  • Link to presentation. Heritage Trails - Slinger WI Project Update - Google Slides

 Minooka Park Project Update  -Dave Burch

  • Meeting with County – No update from James.  However, status was given to the Parks with an estimated time frame for staging area to be completed in late Fall of 2022 or Spring of 2023.  Fundraising has been a challenge due to Covid.

Pleasant Valley and Port Washington Trail Update- Eric Hackbarth

  • Heads up – Local NICA practices will be starting this coming Tuesday and Thursday.  Teams from Cedarburg, Grafton, Mequon, Port Washington & Washington County.  They are particularly good at breaking up into groups and spreading out but keep in mind the parking lot and trails will be busy.

Volunteer Coordinator – Dave Cullbertson

  • Dave Cullbertson was not present to update on total volunteer hours year to date. 
  • Please contact Dave with any hours that you have put in.
  • 20 hours gets a Trail Fairy shirt.  What color for last year???

NICA Update

  • Workdays for NICA kids.  One was completed up at Heritage and one coming to Minooka soon.

Old Business

  • Wednesday Night Races – Stuart is willing to move forward but needs someone from Metro to assist in getting started.  Insurance needs to be in place before we can move forward.  Dan Kutz volunteer to help get started.
  • Social Event in May – Beth - We had 8 members that came out to Raised Grain in lieu of our social ride since Minooka was closed.  Pizza, beer, and lots of talk on where we are all riding next.  Thanks for coming out!

New Business

  • Milwaukee County Video Project. Collin Buth stepped up to put together a video for Metro to present and update Milwaukee County Parks on what we do and what we provide to the communities.   Let’s start at Kegel-Alpha.  Looking to get Marty to schedule a small workday to do some filming and discussion around sustainable trails.  We need to make sure we get our message out to the county board members and community not just the Parks.
  • Membership Committee Chair.   Josh Pollack stepped up to head our membership drive.  Josh will work with the members of the board on ideas to drive membership.   
  • Next Meeting Social Event, July 30th at Heritage Trails.  Look for the Metro Tent!  The Park is having a beer garden and we will be hosting a ride on the new trails that will open with our Trail Guide John Slawny.

Meeting adjourned 8:09pm

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