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August Metro Meeting Minutes

August 25, 2021 8:45 PM | Deleted user

August 24th 2021  7pm

Raised Grain - Waukesha

28 Members in attendance

Ron opened the meeting

Mission Statement

Metro Mountain Bikers is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to safeguarding the future of mountain biking through the preservation and promotion of responsible off-road bicycling opportunities.  Which includes the education, sponsoring events, trail construction, and trail maintenance.

Introduction of Board Members

James Mattox, Chair - absent                    

Ron Stawicki, Member at Large

Dave Burch, Co-Chair - absent                 

Isaac Olson, Member at Large - absent

Dan Kutz, Treasurer                                      

Chris McArdle, Member at Large - absent

Beth Kazinski, Secretary                              

Eric Hackbarth – OCMB

Election of New Board Members

Next Election this November 2021 for 2022 positions at Benno’s in West Allis.  If you are interested in a Board position, please contact the below individuals for more details.

Positions up for renewal

  • Co-Chair  ( Dave will move to Chair)
  • Beth Kazinski, Secretary 
  • Ron Stawicki, Member at Large
  • Chris McArdle, Member at Large

Melissa Clark is interested in Secretary position.  Melissa brings her knowledge of architect, design and fundraising.  She will certainly be a welcome addition to the Metro Board.   

Treasurer Update – Dan Kutz

Dan gave us a quick snapshot of Club’s overall financial standing.   Recent expenses include the gateway sign at Minooka and container at Heritage.  We have 165 active members.  Down slightly form June.   Donate to your local trails at

Milwaukee County Parks Update  - Marty

Light mowing and trimming has been taking place at Tosa and in pretty good shape.   

Alpha is moving forward.   The neighbors have cleared their personal belongings from the Parks property, and we are set to walk it on Wednesday.   Marty, Jessica, and I believe a naturalist will be walking to make sure the new proposed trail does not get closer to the houses than the hiking trail.    Its about 10% of the system that is holding us up.  We have about 40% of the 2.0 trail to complete.  Should need about 10 workdays to complete.  Hoping to have 5 to 10 people.  Looking at Sundays & Mondays.  So please watch FB for scheduled days to volunteer.    He is also looking to have NICA kids volunteer as well.  An Eagle Scout is working on the signage.  He may call on us to help him with funding & work. 

Oak Hill 4 is coming out of its 3 season review this Fall.   We will have to develop a new construction plan most likely for next year.   Finishing up Alpha will be the goal this year. 

Minooka Park Project Update  - Ron

We want to thank the Collectivo team for trimming and mowing at Minooka before the WORS race.  The event was well attended, it was a positive event for the Park.  We should be picking up workdays again this fall to fix some areas and berms. Looking at October and November most likely weekends. 

Pleasant Valley and Port Washington Trail Update- Eric Hackbarth

Pleasant Valley:  If you haven’t seen it yet, they added a new tabletop yesterday to the skills area.  The goal is to replace the old features including seesaws, skinnies, tabletops…. they are for beginner to intermediate riders to help them progress.  They have 5 NICA teams that practice there so they are getting used.

They put in a proposal to the Parks to install a small shed for tools.  Its only 6x8 steel shed so worried a bit about vandalism, so its going to be a test run.    They will have some workdays coming in September for trimming.   

Port:  There is about 2 miles of trail there currently.  There was a bridge that connected it to more trails across a creek but with heavy rains a few years back it washed away and cause major flooding downstream.   The Park doesn’t want it to happen again so trying to come up with ideas to cross the creek.  It’s typically only 5 to 6 inches of water so looking at armoring the bottom.   Until then, enjoy the trails that are their and maybe combine it with Pleasant Valley for a day trip.

Heritage Trail Update – John Slawny

If you haven’t already, COME OUT!  There’s lots of parking too!  There are over 500 hours of volunteer work not including what James has put in.    The current blue loop is in real good shape and the flow is almost done.  Green is halfway done and should be ready in September.   Jump Park will be in October.   The Park should have the dirt dropped off then so we can continue building the jumps.  The Metro sign is going in NOW – thank you Adam!     We also had over 5 tons of stone dropped off from members.  Things are moving along, and the Park has been a great partner of ours and lets us build what we want.    The photo shoot this past weekend went well and park will be using to promote the trails.   Park entrance fee is $5 daily or $40 annually.  If you are doing volunteer work the park waives the daily entrance fee. 

NICA Update

Workdays for NICA kids.  They want to help.  Mike Seiler leads the NICA Teen Trail Corps and wants to get the kids out helping wherever they can.   Please bring projects to him and he will get them out to the NICA coaches.  He can be reached at

Volunteer Hours – Dave Cullberson

Dave was not present for an update

Old Business

Wednesday night races – Stewart not present for an update

New Business

No new business

Meeting adjourned 7:48pm

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