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  • Metro MTB Meeting Minutes - 7/28/2022

Metro MTB Meeting Minutes - 7/28/2022

July 28, 2022 7:30 PM | Melissa Clark (Administrator)

July 28, 2022 | 7: 30pm

Metro MTB Public Meeting & Kegel-Alpha 2.0 Opening

Wheel & Sprocket, Franklin

Mission Statement

Metro Mountain Bikers is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to safeguarding the future of mountain biking through the preservation and promotion of responsible off-road bicycling opportunities.  Which includes the education, sponsoring events, trail construction, and trail maintenance.

Board Members

Chris Shay, Co-Chair                                                             

Dan Kutz, Treasurer       

Melissa Clark, Secretary

Tom Hartman – not present

Isaac Olson- not present

Lindsay Carlson

Eric Hackbarth, Ozaukee County Representative – not present

Vote for Open Co-Chair Position:  John Slawny voted in as new Metro Co-Chair

County Updates:

Minooka Trails

  • Gateway signage installed, re-directing trail entry through gateway.
  • Working on getting e-bikes allowed on the trail officially

Milwaukee County

Relationship well with the Parks Department

Kegel-Alpha 2.0 Update: 
  • Original lap open 25 years ago. Realized that shortly after opening the that the trail that ran along the river was an issue as it often was flooded
  • Metro worked with the Parks Department, environmental analysis, and County Supervisors to get the revised lap open.
  • Downhill switchback were professional machine built by Gravity Logic when the Rock was looking at building a downhill MTB park
  • Trails are not done. We are getting feedback. We will be adding berms.
Doyne Park, 9-hole golf course which is now closed. County currently getting input for what to do with the park. Would be a great location for a bike park. Can read more here:

Ozaukee County

  • Storage shed installed
  •  Trails are in good shape

Washington Co

$20,900 forecasted contributions in 2023 for Mountain Bike trails from the County.


  • Single use, one-directional trail.
  • Fantastic relationship w/ Washington Co.
  • Opened Jump Line flow Trail on May 5th
  • New News:
  • Double Dragon extended another .5 mile on July 3rd
  • Added another drop
  • Added 9+ jumps
  • Now total of 16 jump
  • New Section of trail opened last night back to the parking lot.
  • What’s Next? A Continuous jumpline along blue to the south. Mandatory progressive jumps, no ride around.
  • Heritage is fundraising priority this year

Treasure/ Budget Update: Most of this year’s expenditures are supporting Heritage, Snowdog and Insurance.     

New Award:

  • Volunteer of the Year of Award 2021 awarded to James Mattox!
  • Introducing the Inaugural Volunteer Year Award, named after Marty Weigel. We awarded Marty Weigel with Metro MTB’s Lifetime Volunteer Award!

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm

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