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August 2014 Monthly Meeting Minutes

April 12, 2018 10:14 PM | Metro MTB (Administrator)


Metro Mountain Bikers

Welcome by Ron Stawicki

Treasurer Report – We have a vacancy with Derek stepping down from the Treasurer’s position and Harold Schmidt has agreed to come back to the position when he returns from his travels. We received our quarterly IMBA membership payment at just over $900 so a lot of people renewed or signed up for membership. The signs/stickers were ordered but Marty has pended it until better stickers showing a mountain bike are available.

Fundraising – sold 480 tickets with over $3300 gross, $2500 net. Raffle Greg Heil Wheel & Sprocket.

Kate & Maciej Rays, Tom Vomastic wins top prize to Erik’s.

Volunteers – 325 volunteers logged so far with some still missing. Tom Vomastic has been putting in a lot of time lately and his hours are not yet logged. We may need additional volunteers coming up for the NICA race at Minooka and Ron will look into what their needs may be and see how Metro can help.  Also, with late Summer/Fall coming up, we’ll need volunteers for trail work so stayed tuned for more information.

Marketing – we need brochures but we still have posters available. We may need some additional help with Graphic Arts coming up as Tom has been getting busier with his job. Social Committee – Danielle is stepping down from the Social Committee so we’ll need someone else to step into that role. Please contact Chris Cooper if interested. Social Ride scheduled for 10/18.

Trail teams – Andy was here from the Collectivo team and asked if anyone had been to the Alpha trail.  Marty explained what he’s recently seen. September 28 is the WORS race and the trails will need some work. Marty suggested Andy contact the County regarding a special permit in case they need it for rain before the event, etc. Marty suggested that two weeks before, they’ll need to plan for a lot of trail work. Bubba’s Woods has dried out (until today) and there has been some work done recently to the entrance from Highway 100. Hoyt is in good shape but may need some general maintenance. Oak Hill is also in good shape. Minooka trails have new signs in within the last month and a few other suggestions for new signs. All comments were positive about the new trails. October/November is the Fall build season for Minooka on Sunday mornings.

Hoyt Park – Lindsay Kriete a local racer and Tosa resident came to the meeting to tell her story of her dog being killed recently by a train while she was on the trails and suggestions she had for building trails on the North side of the river. Marty explained some of the discussions that they’ve with the County about the north side trails. Additional opinions were shared about a sign we could put up or what we could do until we get approval for more trail building. There will still be some ongoing discussions about this.

Wednesday Night @ the Rock – racing is still ongoing although there are a lot of different faces showing up these days.

IMBA World Summit – in Steamboat Springs, CO in August.


May 13, 2014

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September meeting – Waukesha at Magellan’s September 9.

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