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November 2014 Monthly Meeting Minutes

April 13, 2018 3:16 PM | Metro MTB (Administrator)

Metro Mountain Bikers

Welcome by Ron Stawicki

Treasurer’s Report – Harold received the quarterly IMBA check for recent memberships/renewals.

Carsonite signs were purchased and have been paid for.

Fundraising – no fundraising report this month. The next need for fundraising will be Trailhead signage and we’ll need to determine what amount is required so we can contemplate what kind of fundraising we’ll need to do.

Volunteers – Chris Cooper reported 857 hours of total volunteer time this year. This is down a bit from last year but we haven’t had as many needs this year. We’re still looking for a person to coordinate the Social Committee – please contact Chris Cooper if interested. We had four people who worked on theBubba’s Woods Weed-out day in coordination with the neighborhood surrounding Bubba’s Woods.

Marketing – no Marketing report this month. Social Committee – we’re looking for a leader of the Social Committee – if interested, please contact

Chris Cooper.

Trails Council/Milwaukee County Parks – Marty talked about the new parks requirements regarding permits. No progress on the MOU (memorandum of understanding) with the parks department.  National Bike Patrol – no Bike Patrol report this month.

Trails – Minooka trail work is underway – always Sunday mornings from 8 – 11 through November (just two more weeks to go). Minooka is hosting the Global Fat Bike Day on Dec. 6. Many trees down at Hoyt and some have been down for awhile. The county is aware of these trees but hasn’t dealt with them yet. Marty and Harold met with the County about Bubba’s Woods recently and the County has said everything is fine there for now, but requested no more re-routes. Oak Hill is in good shape. Alpha’s also in good shape. Harold and Marty along with the County walked the north side of the river from Hoyt to develop the trails there. County is agreeable to trails on that side of the river. Harold and Marty used black flags to mark that side of the river for possible trails. In the Spring, we’ll finalize the trails we want to build.

Signage – is now in our possession. Marty has called Digger’s Hotline at the request of the County. Marty is aiming for next weekend at Alpha or Hoyt.

State Trails Council meeting - scheduled on Thursday, Nov. 13 from 10 – 3 at Lapham Peak. It’s during the day should anyone be interested in attending and it’s open to the public. Part of the discussion will be on eBikes, which we discussed at length in this meeting.

Upcoming & Recently-held Events:

  •  Singletrack High Movie – the Shorewood HS Mtn Bike team put this on and Marty attended
  •  Fall Social Ride had a good time but it was lightly attended this year
  • Lapham Peak FatBike series has a kick-off meeting on Thursday, November 13 at 7:30 pm. The
  • race series starts November 20 at 7:30 pm – check Wheel & Sprocket’s website for information.
  • Race series will continue into January. Proceeds go to the Friends of Lapham Peak.
  • Turkey Hurl ride scheduled for Thanksgiving at 8 pm at Tosa Village at the Red School House.
  • Santa Rampage, Saturday, December 6.
  • Bike Across the Lake – tentatively Feb. 14 if winter weather is horrible
  • Spring Social Ride being discussed for May

New Business – no news about Kletsch Park.  Elections – Chris McArdle nominated for Chair. Chris Cooper nominated for Co-Chair. Ron Stawicki

becomes Member at Large. Harold nominated for Treasurer. Anne Newhouse continues as Secretary.  Lynne Senkerik nominated for Volunteer Coordinator.

December meeting – December 9 at The Bike Fed offices at 3618 W. Pierce St, Milwaukee. We are inviting someone from the County Park department to attend.

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