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June 2018 Metro Meeting Minutes

June 20, 2018 9:33 AM | Deleted user

June 2018 Metro Meeting

Metro Mountain Biker Meeting


Minooka Park

Waukesha, WI

27 members in attendance

Mission Statement

Metro Mountain Bikers is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to safeguarding the future of mountain biking through the preservation and promotion of responsible off-road bicycling opportunities.  Which includes the education, sponsoring events, trail construction, and trail maintenance.

Introduction of Board Members

 Trail Signs – Approved by board

We had  signs made to place at all trail heads – Ride Dirt Not Mud and Trails Brought to you by Metro Mountain Bikers.  We also have signs made for trail work days  “Trail Work Ahead” as well as “Trail Closed” signs with Metro Logo on them.   We have enough for all through trail systems.

 Committee Updates

Minooka:   Chair  James

The Park Director is retiring this July and a new director has been chosen but not yet appointed.    We need to be patient until the new director is in place.  Phase 3 is on hold until then.  But we are very optimistic.

Menomonee Falls:  Chair  Mike Bons

No real updates until Fall. 

Ball Park Commons:  Chair   Marty Weigel. 

Construction is in full swing.  Areas are now fenced off and “Do Not Enter” signs have been posted and they are enforcing.   You are still entering the trails at 92ndstreet; however, the Rawson trails are closed/gone.   The trail coordinator quit and is moving to Montana.  Current projects are on hold until they find a new Coordinator.   However we are still looking into options for the pump track and still on track for this to happen.   W&S is a big advocate in keeping the trails there and will help move the projects along during the transition.      

If anyone knows some company that would be interested in the project please let us know.  We want it to be asphalt/concrete with lights at night.    We need to, as a club, be closely involved in the design of the pump track.

Social Media update – John Schultz

We have seen an increase in traffic and feedback has been extremely positive.  People like the new look and feel of the site and posts.      Please share your pics and video of your rides at the trails with John so he can incorporate them into web-site and social media outlets.   You can send to Google Drive or just email John at

Open Committee positions

 ·         Social Events Chair – responsible for social rides and social meetings.  If you are interested please contact the Board!

 Current Membership – Goal is 1,000

Are we asking our friends and fellow riders to become members?   If not, we should be.   Share Metro Membership Posts on your FB and Instagram pages.  Get the word out!

We have 16 new members in the last 30 days!    7 new in the last week (most likely from Wednesday night’s race).

We have flyers that Darrin designed that we can hand out to friends/riders/racers at trail heads and events that promote Metro and our Mission.  Unfortunately Darrin was not able to make the meeting but will have for next meeting.

Trail Maintenance update

  • ·         Minooka:  Huge thank you to the Collectivo Team for all their hard work last week at Minooka. They will be here again this week Thursday if anyone is interested in joining in. 
  • ·         Ball park Commons:  92nd to river road was mowed.   Gage the trail coordinator was doing a lot for us but since he up and moved to Montana we will have to push to keep this up while they find a new coordinator. 
  • ·         Tosa System:   Someone trimmed back the face slappers on the Connector.  BIG THANK YOU to whoever that was!

Recurring Social Events

  • ·         Odd Tuesday Rides:   We need volunteers! This is a no drop event and should be promoted as such.   Volunteers are to host the ride and to promote club membership and participation.  They can host at Alpha, Minooka, or Tosa trail systems.  Contact board!
  • o   Next Odd Tuesday Ride is at Tosa June 19thweather permitting
  • ·         Wednesday Night Races.:   Since Alpha is under construction and some trail has been eliminated all races this year will be held at Minooka.    There has been a good turnout of 30 races or more.  Should pick up around the WORS race.   We need to add these racers as new members.  Did pick up some new memberships.  Cost to race is $20 for non-members and $5 for members.    REMINDER:  it is only $40 for a single membership.  
  • ·         Dirt Church:   This is also a no drop event hosted by Ron.   Traditionally it has been held at Minooka but looking to alternate between the 3 trail systems.    June’s was cancelled due to Rain.   It is just a ride, no service.
  • o   Next one is scheduled for Sunday July 1stat 9am at Minooka.   

Open Discussion

  • ·         Little Switz Bike Park is open this Sunday June 17th.  James and a group will be there is anyone wants to join.  Happy to show them around.  There are trails for all levels of riding not just Black Diamond.  Friday is also open for HIKE A BIKE.
  • ·         Chris suggested making sure we have the Metro tent ready for the July WORS races.  Anyone want to man it?
  • ·         James is also looking to get a group ride to Sylvan.  So stay tuned for dates.

Meeting Adjourned.  Time to Ride!



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