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May 2019 Metro Meeting Minutes

May 20, 2019 5:08 PM | Deleted user

May  2019 Metro Meeting

5/14/19 at 7:12pm

Café De Arts

Waukesha, WI

24 members in attendance   

James opened meeting  at 7:12pm

Introduction of the Board

Mission Statement

Metro Mountain Bikers is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to safeguarding the future of mountain biking through the preservation and promotion of responsible off-road bicycling opportunities.  Which includes the education, sponsoring events, trail construction, and trail maintenance.

Quarterly Financial Update

Dan – Treasurer presented financial report for Metro, GEARS and OCMB accounts.    Refer to Handout

Insurance was renewed for the club and now includes equipment use.  

Fat Bike Grooming

Dan Douglas volunteered to be Chair of this committee.   He will be responsible for setting up committee and organization.    If you are interested you can contact Dan or Metro. 

The committee will be responsible for:

·         communication with area trails and golf courses for grooming

·         communicating to community trail conditions

·         transporting the equipment

·         equipment maintenance

·         Fundraising

Update on Trail Projects

Minooka Park

James has had several meetings with the Park and have a strong partnership going.    Phase 3 that we originally were in discussion on is no longer an option due to land being declared protected by the Naturalist.  

However, we have a new plan which is broken out into 3 phases.  See map handout.  Within this plan we will be re-routing the trail head as well as some existing trail.   We are adding a session area on the hill going into the new “hand-out” area by our own parking lot.   Flagging has already started and we are hoping to be completed by mid-summer.  Weather and manpower permitting. 

There has been some stress on the park with the existing trail head in picnic area 5 lot.  One side is Picnic Parking and the other is MTB parking.  However this is not happening and riders are parking on the wrong side.  This causes issues when the area is rented out.   Park needs additional parking to accommodate more users but is not in the budget for the next 10 yrs.  Unfortunately the Courthouse is getting most of the county’s budget for renovations.   We cannot move ahead with building new trails if we don’t have the parking to accommodate more users.    So it is either wait 10 yrs or fundraise and do it as a Club. 

We are also looking at being able to close off the Green Loop when needed.  Most times the trail is good except for the Green and since we can’t segment it off, the whole system gets closed.  We want to re-route some existing trial to be able to close this section off as needed as well as extending the Green back up the hill and into the new exit.


Phase 1:  New Trail Head and re-routes

·         Little Switz donated 4 trailer loads of stuff/features that we will incorporate into the trails

·         Includes re-route of the Green to new exit

·         Fundraising for Phase 2 and 3

Phase 2:  Parking lot

·         Will have our own Hang-out area for which the park will have picnic tables and grills added.

Phase 3: Contractor to build out session area

The total cost that the Park is estimating (inflated) is $750,000 with half of that going to the parking lot.

TRAIL WORK DAYS………..We will need volunteers to assist with Phase 1.  Ron will be spearheading but needs 3 other crew leaders since he can’t possibly be at all trail work days.  If interested, see Ron.    

We would really love to get NICA teams in to help.  If they are under 14 they can’t use equipment (per insurance) but we can certainly find something for them to do on the trail.  Glen did mention that NICA has a requirement that each team needs to give back to the trails they use and this would certainly qualify. 

Ball Park Commons Update/Alpha

No update

Glacial Blue

Greg was not present at the meeting  to give an update.   However, he did want to mention that they are doing group rides every Tuesday  night.  This is a great chance to learn the trail system since nothing is marked and its two directional, but once you learn it you can make your own ride. 

They raised $2500 toward the Glacial Blue project

JUNE 23rd– Mark your calendars for their Social Event.   There will be beer pop-ups in the woods as well as food.  Please join us for the event and get to the trails!

Wednesday Night Racing

We couldn’t get one to volunteer to head these races so we decided to post-pone until next year.  Someone has stepped forward to head them next year.  We will continue to look for more volunteers through-out the year so we have affirm commitment by February 2020.

Tuesday Rides

Need Ride Leaders for Odd Tuesdays.   We like to change up the trails but essentially you pick where you want to lead.  Please contact Metro and let us know if you are interested.

Membership Drive

Membership goal  is 1,000 members .  We are currently in a renewal turn over so numbers should go back up.

Metro   125


OCMB   12

We want to do more social rides since we are losing membership drive from Wednesday night races.    We are thinking of making these social events MEMBER ONLY.  You are welcome to join at the ride!

Awareness is huge.  ASK from each of us here to share Metro site to FB friends/ pages and encourage your friends that ride our trails to join Metro and donate to new trails.   They don’t have to move dirt but their membership dollars will be a huge contribution to pay a contractor to do it!

James will try to get social events together to membership drive.  Stay tuned.

Colectivo Donation

Chris McArdle presented Metro $1000 donation to use these funds toward building new trails at Minooka.   Thank you Colectivo for the generation donation and support you show the Club as well as the mountain bike community.  We will certainly put the funds to great use!

Little Switz opening Day is May 19th  

Darrin presented free lift tickets to all first timers present to experience The Hill for themselves.   There is something for all levels.  Not everything there is a huge gap jump.   You can keep the wheels on the ground if you wish.   Come enjoy the ride with us!   Thank you Little Switz for your support!

Bikesha by Ronsta

Beer, Bikes, and Pizza

The next Bikesha will be Saturday June 22nd.   Dan at Magellan’s on Main St. is generously donating pizzas for all.  There is no cost for the ride but donations are welcome and all funds raised go back to Metro! 

Ride starts at the back of Magellan’s.  Gather around 6pm.  Leave one beer after 6pm to tour the parkway.  No drop ride.   Refreshments provided during the ride by Ron. 

Ron also presented donation to  Metro of $150 from the last Bikesha.  Thank you all!

Thank you Ayhan for hosting Metro Mountain Bikers meeting.  Food and coffee where delicious!

Meeting Adjourned 8:25pm

Map Handout:


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