Metro Fat Bike Trail Grooming

Our members and community have spoken and WE ARE LISTENING!

Now fundraising for a SnowDog groomer. 

SnowDog Standard B13MER is a reliable companion designed to take you long distances in deep snow pulling loads of 660+ lbs. With its longer track and frame, Standard models offer you improved off-road performance and more cargo space. It comes equipped with a powerful 13.5 hp Briggs&Stratton engine and a CVT. SnowDog Standard overcomes ice tracks, deep snow and rough terrain. Standard equipment includes LED light, electric starter, disk brakes and convenient engine cover. This model is equipped with reverse gear, for better operating in narrow space with little turning space.

We are adding a couple grooming implements as well as getting mechanical plans from some other clubs in MN that have build a device to pull that works well.

DONATE TODAY! We need $6,000 to cover the machine, grooming devices, ongoing maintenance, and increased insurance.

Currently Pleasant Valley has approval to operate a machine within the park. We are confident that we can gain access to the other trail systems we oversee. There is also plans to approach local golf courses to gain access to groom Fat Bike only trails.

A committee will be formed to manage grooming, maintenance, and transportation of the machine. The committee will also be responsible for expanding trail network and updating the communication of what trails are groomed. An example is below.

Trail Details

 Trail System Grooming Status   Last Update
 Glacial Blue Hills  Ungroomed  3/2/19
 Milwaukee County Trails  Ungroomed  3/2/19
 Pleasant Valley
 Groomed  3/5/19
 Rolling Hills Golf Course
 Groomed  3/4/19

Donation goal

Collected: $1,515.00
Goal: $6,000.00
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